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most unequal country russia

Places around the world where income is the most ‘equal’

There seems to be a common theme around the world where there are a few people that are wealthier than everyone else or are...
dubai top investment

UAE continues to be top investment country for GCC citizens

The Department of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf Affairs has released the 7th edition of its Annual Statistical report...

We Bet, You Badly Needed to Know This Before You Explore Disneyland

Is one day enough to explore Disneyland, you ask? From theme parks to character experiences, Downtown, and a lot more, Disneyland is a planet in...
bahamas beach tour

Keep Your Cool With These Breathtaking Summer Vacation Destinations

Have you prepared to pay off your winter’s hard work and pamper yourself this summer? While you might have world’s most romantic and playful beaches...
amazon japan


Havoc broke out as Japan's Fair Trade Commission raided the office of Amazon Japan on the notion of pressurizing retailers to offer products on more...
Traveling with smartphones

Traveling with smartphones

The smartphone e-brand, Huawei honor has predicted that this summer, people who go on vacation will end up spending 26 hours a week on...
pokemon go business

Pokémon Go business speaks volume!

By now you have seen the hype of Pokémon craze, people wandering on roads with phone their hands and finding their favorite characters. You...

Facebook could face $3B to $5B setback over unpaid taxes

Facebook Inc'sfuture money streams and results could endure a noteworthy blow if it loses a fight over new U.S. tax payables identified with the...
USA economy

US economy Growth only 1.2% over the last 3 months

The US economy under-performed the third quarter of 2016 and did not live up to consumer’s expectations of higher growth. It raised concern over...
Amazon, Facebook

Amazon, Facebook now bigger than Berkshire Hathaway

On Friday, Amazon and Facebook passed Exxon Mobil in market cap in morning trading, continuing to rise up the world’s most valuable companies list. Exxon-...