Burn Up To 500 Calories With This Total Body Workout

It can be hard to find a way to burn more calories than you eat. Diet is obviously the key factor in this regard, but you can make your workouts more effective by targeting every major muscle while keeping your heart rate up high enough to make it a cardiovascular workout as well.

This workout is designed to do just that and help you burn more calories in your precious workout time. You can burn up to 500 calories in less than an hour when you mix the right moves with the right speed.

Without further ado, here is your total body cardio workout to help you shed fat fast:

This workout will include three circuits of 4 moves done twice. Each move is done for 30 seconds at a time followed by 10 seconds of rest. Focus more on getting good form with powerful moves than making it as fast as you can and possibly sacrifice form.

Make sure you complete a good five minute warm up before you begin to prevent any injuries during this workout.

Circuit 1 – Burn Up To 500 Calories With This Total Body Workout

Move 1: 6 Butt Kickers Into A Ninja Jump Tuck

This move involves doing six consecutive butt kickers first. Make sure you are really squeezing that leg into your glutes for maximum burn. Without stopping jump up with both knees drawn into your chest and keep your extended arms out in front of your chest.

Land softly and begin with your six butt kickers again and back into your ninja jump tuck. Focus on getting the highest jump possible with that jump tuck.

Move 2: Plank Jacks With A Knee Tuck

Get down on the ground into a strong high plank position. Jump both feet out then back in simultaneously and then hop both feet in towards your chest, bending your knees. Hop back out into full plank position and repeat the sequence for the remainder of the interval.

Move 3: Jump Lunge To Squat Jump

This move will get those legs on fire. Start out in a lunge position and explode off the ground while switching your feet to land into lunge position with the opposite leg behind you. Do this twice then hop both feet into squat position, hop up off the floor doing a squat jump. Land softly and then repeat the two lunge jumps. Back to squat jumps and so on.

Move 4: Frog Jumps With Two Hops Back

Start with your feet a little farther than hip width apart. Swing your arms to gain momentum and jump as far as you can forward landing in a wide stance and squatting a bit to cushion the jump. Push off the ball of your foot and hop back twice to return to your starting position.

After you’ve completed these 4 moves, rest 50 seconds and then repeat the sequence. Rest again for 50 seconds and then move onto the second circuit.

Circuit 2 – Burn Up To 500 Calories With This Total Body Workout

These moves are a bit more familiar but still challenging. This circuit follows the same 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest pattern.

Move 1: Mountain Climbers

Keep your butt as low as you can without sacrificing form.

Move 2: Burpees

With the push-ups at the bottom and the hop at the top, don’t try to make these easier. Put in all the effort you can to maximize calorie burn.

Move 3: 180-Degree Jumps

Make sure to alternate to which side you twirl.

Move 4: Dancing Crab

This move is done in tabletop position with your torso facing the ceiling, hands and feet flat on the ground. Bring your right hand and the left foot off the ground. While you dip your butt down, bring your fingers to touch your toes and alternate to the other side. Try to keep the move smooth and quick.

Rest 50 seconds, then repeat this circuit. You’ve just completed a total body cardiovascular workout that will have you blasting away fat by burning major calories and keeping your metabolism on high alert.