Conceptual version via Martin Hajek of an iPhone 8 with a curved screen

iphone 8 design

Apple has retained a big order with Samsung for OLED curved-screen boards, according to many reports coming from Apple‘s Asian supply chain that at least one model in the “iPhone 8” launch predictable later this year will have a curved screen.
“Apple reportedly has signed a two-year contract with Samsung Presentation for the supply of KRW10 trillion (US$9 billion) cost of small-size curved OLED panels, rendering to Korea-based ET News and other media.
Based on the contract, Samsung Show will ship 70-92 million small-size OLED panels to Apple in 2017, said the rumors. This means that around 30% of iPhone devices shipped in 2017 will originate with curved OLED panels, given that Apple presently ships about 200 million iPhone devices a year.”

Curved Screen

It is not sure whether the screens would be curved to support new purposes, the system in Samsung’s Galaxy devices are, or whether the screen curve would be more beautifying and enhancing. Currently, the iPhone 7 Plus has a minor curve at the edges of its screen but it executes no functions.
Apple is predictable to reveal three devices later this year, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone launch. A new great-format device might have a special name like iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition. Two smaller devices are predictable along with it that might look like old-fashioned product. Those devices are expected to have plane screens.