‘The Flash’ Season 3, Episode 1 Review: Flashpoint Abridged

the flash season 3

If we talk about the Season 3 premiere of The Flash, one thing comes off from it for sure and i.e. that Barry Allen has ruined just about everything. If you remember the season finale of the previous season, Barry had finally accepted to turn back time and rescue his mother which he hasn’t been able to since the start of the series.
However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction as per Newton. Barry has to save his mother but in return he agrees to give away the world as we know it. The episode tonight titled Flashpoint bore it upon itself to portray how this barter will result in for Barry as well as all the other characters.

Barry’s Parallel

Barry’s parallel world has more than one weird change. Cisco Ramon, Iris West and Caitlin Snow are unknown to him! Cisco Ramon has a Star Labs up his sleeve, is rich as ever and also quite a loser. While Joe West is a drunkard police officer, Iris hasn’t changed much and hits a good note with Barry.  Lastly, Wally West earns the name of Kid Flash.
The fun part is that Barry’s memory is up the mark and he remembers his former world too. EobardThawne, Reverse Flash, is also being held captive. It would have been interesting to see Barry as how he had lived in the new World, but alas we see his as his own self having traveled here.


Here’s the glitch: As Barry’s powers come into use, his memory starts vanishing. This upsets the whole plot of the game and Barry is forced to go back in his time, which again leads to the murder of his mother by the hands of Reverse Flash. But apparently, things are now back on track.
The victorious night is again encountered, with matters as normal as he had left them. Although, upon inquiry of Iris’s whereabouts, Joe is snubbed after which there is a walk out the door scene. The confusion is somewhat settled for the characters when Wally tells Barry that Joe and Iris aren’t exactly on the same page. Nonetheless, we are still left pretty clueless.
Even though the plot is somewhat similar to what it initially was, there still have been some minor yet significant changes attached to it. The World that Barry exited and the world he has re-entered may be comparable but a change of DNA is surely there.

Modified Storyline

While I feel this is going to go well, because of a slightly modified storyline rather than a complete revamped style, I also sense that this subtle nature can be the death of the show. The cliffhangers have kept us looking out for more knowledge in the next episodes and it shall be exciting to see where the storyline goes from here. But at the same time, if they simply duplicate the plot of the first season without much to add or eradicate, the curiosity of the viewers shall be compromised and their attention wavered.