How to Deal with Anger

When anger becomes uncontrollable or is unexpressed

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Anger is a natural response to feeling frustrated, attacked, betrayed, or treated unfairly. Everyone gets angry sometimes it’s part of being. Mild anger can sometime be useful to show strong feelings and deal with situations, when it is managed accurately it’s not a problem. But, if anger shows is in dangerous ways, or continues over a long period of time, then it can lead to problems.

Angry behaviors include yelling, throwing things, criticizing, irritating, ignoring, It is may be due to injuries to brain, depression or stress or drug or alcohol use. It is essential to get professional help for these problems.

‘A few strategies to control anger’

  • Time Out: If you feel your anger getting out of control, take time out from a condition or an argument or going for a walk. During a time out, plan how you are successful to stay calm when your conversation starts again.
  • Count From One To Ten: This is a very easy and experimental way. The decision takes under the condition of an anger Thomas Jefferson said, “When angry, count 10, before speak, if very angry, count 100.”
  • Don’t be too intense: Don’t overpower those around you. It’s exhausting for you and for them.
  • Try To Diagnose What Is Making You Angry: Diagnose that a specific matter has made you angry by speak out it to yourself and others. Sometimes it can help to write things down. What is happening in your life? How do you feel about the things? Writing about these topics can sometimes give you some distance, perspective and comfort and help you understand your emotional state.

  • Do Avoid Speaking Through A Third Person:  Like if you are angry with your friend of family member’s behavior, try to say I felt badly when you didn’t come. You are important to me and I really wanted you to be there.
  • Don’t be aggressive: You won’t achieve everything you need in life with unfriendly, in-your-face attitude. People typically avoid hostility, so they end up avoiding you.
  • Do Pay Attention to the problem to be solve: When you start something, stick with it. Don’t allow anger to disturb you from your objective do pay attention to solve all problems carefully.
  • Do exercise: Physical exercise can help to control the feelings particularly when you are very angry. Do exercise, walking or swimming.


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