iCare workers insurance in Australia

icare workers insurance in australia

Along with the economic and industrial developments, insurance for the employees and workers have been a much-needed criterion for the employment procedures. Undoubtedly Icare is currently recognized as one of the biggest and veteran workplace-insurer in Australia serving more than 3.4 million employees of New South Wales.

R&D team of iCare

The R&D team of Icare has come up with a more robust and attractive scheme after two years long extensive research on the feedback and suggestions of our valuable clients. We have implemented some unique strategies to provide a world-class service in the sector of workplace insurance.

Check them out!

  1. We have introduced EML providers, appointed solely for the claim service. Previous schemes like CGU and QBE has been withdrawn from the market, and we have already notified the concerned buyers to avail the newly-launched facilities.
  2. You can now report any accident by just filling a simple online form through the channel ‘Estimated Maximum Loss’. The forms can be downloaded easily through EML and Icare websites.
  3. To support your claim, you needn’t visit any office. You have to just scan the relevant document and send it attached to the application. We have also introduced an all-new ‘triaging claims’ which is very efficient in determining which services will be optimum for that specific case.
  4. We have set a questionnaire, which will help us to understand the intensity and exact nature of the accident.
  5. We have noticed some clients be more comfortable with the conventional telephonic architecture. So be assured that you will never be compelled to do all the formalities online.

Above all, we are highly committed to giving you the best experience in the sector of workplace insurance. Almost 70 percent of all the insurance policies enjoyed by NSW employees are insured by Icare, and we have done this in just two years! So don’t hesitate to be a member of the Icare family, unleash the word of new possibilities.