Men’s Fashion Updates to Follow

hottest trends and styles 2016

It seems like the whole world is relying on the media and the internet for their daily fashion related fixes, whether young boys or fine gentlemen everyone’s priority these days is to stay updated with the latest fashion trends, what’s in and what’s out? Somewhere in their minds, everyone asks this question. It seems that this season has some chic updates for all the masculine needs.

Formal Suiting European Style

It seems that Europeans have started things off with the 2oth century tradition of fine suits, Bermuda shorts matched with signature Ralph and Lauren Polo shirts are an absolute for a more formal touch to the weekend. With current fashion trends from around the world, it seems that one thing is for sure that men are increasingly embracing their feminine sides and the cultural shift is expressing itself through current fashion trends. For spring 2016, the shorts are getting shorter, there are punches of pink and androgyny abounds and even Zara has come out with a unisex line.
Formal Suiting European Style
New fashion trends show that the prevailing fit of suits has loosened slightly from that ultra-tight look men were sporting a few years ago. With a looser jacket fit, less of a “V-shape” will be coming down from the bottom, the pants now are a little less slim, and fewer ankles will show. Overall, suits will become a little more conservatively cut, but still be trimming.

“Casual” Is the “New Cool”

Phenomenal it the street wear business “Supreme” continues to provide the urban youth with America’s, host hyped up street wear. The brand made a grand entrance at fashion shows around the world with its range bold-hued hoodies, graphic tees, geezer sweaters, loose fitting trousers and much more to add to its collection.

Predictions for 2016

It seems that the only way to stay ahead of any fashion trend is to predict it, getting ahead of the flow and then outline some of the hottest trends and styles. Sources regarding casual fashion show that trendy sportswear will continue to be seen in the gym and on the sidewalk in 2016. The gym-clothes-gone-luxury trend will continue to gain steam, sometimes intermingling with other aesthetics. Sweat clothing, in particular, will continue to be popular.

Whereas the formal area of fashion, Suits will also embrace more color but retain a conservative style. As suits fit more conservatively, guys are looking for other creative ways to make them stand out from the rest. One of those ways will be with color.

At least when it comes to footwear sneakers will be the most “what’s in thing” seen on men’s feet in 2016. From the best in the footwear industry like Nike’s sporty luxury running shoes to New Balance’s nostalgia-inspired sportswear to Common Project’s minimalist luxury, sneakers of every shape, size, and cover will be popular.