Offbeat Summer Vacation Destinations

Have you prepared to pamper yourself this summer? While you might have world’s most romantic and playful beaches on list to soak up the sun, there are several offbeat summer vacation destinations that may allow you to save more while unveiling some adventurous locales you may not yet have considered.



Yes, this has playful beaches, and you can work on your tan. The sublime shades of blue and grainy coral beach will draw you to the Bahamas. In addition, there are private coastlines, cost-friendly huts, and resorts in the Bahamas. Summer is a time in the Bahamas where you may experience liquid sunshine or rain, but they pass quickly, and you can then dry off next to your favorite Atlantic pool.

Botswana – Offbeat Summer Vacation Destinations


Botswana is a true African beauty. Once you arrive, you will feel a whirl of peace, freedom, and tranquility swirling around you. Botswana offers a stunning amalgam of mountainous landscapes to soothing sunsets. In addition, the people are friendly and inviting. If you are looking forward to spending some time exploring wildlife and diving into the treasures of nature then Botswana is a place you can’t skip with over 38% of land reserved for wildlife.


Dubai - Offbeat Summer Vacation Destinations

Dubai is truly incredible and there is so much to do. You can roam around the shops in the world’s largest shopping center, or you can enjoy a quick smoothie near a creek. Of course, you can pamper yourself with a relaxing spa day, soak up in the sun in Palm Jumeirah, eat your fill from one of the finest European restaurants, munch on some Mandi, feel the shake after a soul-grabbing Safari ride. Dubai has a little bit of everything. The best thing about Dubai city is that everything here is accessible. Yet again, two-weeks trip in Dubai would be cheaper than 3-days tour to Europe.

Croatia – Offbeat Summer Vacation Destinations


If you have never visited Croatia, then you are deeply missing a hidden gem. Filled with glittering blue coastlines with beaches of golden sand and incredible beach-specific foods, Croatia is a marvel. Yes, you can enjoy the playful beaches and work on your tan here as well. Croatia is also rich in festivals and celebrations.

Virginia Beach

virginia tour

If you are planning on a vacation in the US, then Virginia Beach may be a place to visit. Surrounded with palm trees, this 35-mile stretch of golden sand beach is popular for its neatness, calmness, and privacy. The beach is safe enough to go with families and kids.

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