Healthy Ramadan in UAE

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Month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Millions of Muslims observe fast and remember the acts of kindness and charity. Fasting helps in keeping patience and enables the power of appreciation. It is crucial to spend the Holy Month of Ramadan as healthy as possible.

With the increase in heat and humidity this year, most important is to stay alert and active for work. Those who are suffering with kidney, gastric, heart or diabetes problem should avoid or consult their doctors prior to fasting.

While observing fast, three basic things should always be kept in mind. One must avoid binge eating during Iftar time, sleep at least for six to seven hours a day and hydrate after Iftar. It is always better eat home-made dishes. Total fluid intake should be between three to four liters. Fluid can be in form of laban, beverages, fresh juices or soups etc.

During suhoor, at least drink up to 1 liter with regular meal. More the water intake, more regulation of blood pressure, electrolyte balance and hydration. If there is a chance of dehydration, one will feel faint during whole day.

ramadan in uae

This leads to exhaustion, confusion, headaches and less water intake causes the blood to thicken. Hence reducing the risk of strokes. It is difficult to keep up with the hydration in such a short time between suhoor and iftaar, therefore try to drink in equal intervals to save yourself from dehydration.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to restore water and salt balance in the body. Similarly for proteins cheese, yoghurt, almond milk, soya milk, lean meat, chicken and fish are good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and amino acids which will help in restoring the mass of muscle and also prevent fatigue.

For carbohydrates, whole wheat grains offer sustained energy. For Iftar, high calories dishes can help in recovering from low blood glucose levels. People need to avoid fried and fast food in Iftar. Similarly sugary juices and fizzy drinks (carbonated drinks) also cause more thirst.

People often wait and give so much importance for the clock to strike the moment while breaking the fast that they forgot the importance of the nutrition in the first rewarding bite. Break the fast with two or three dates because dates are loaded with dietary fibres. Follow it with a cereal, green vegetables or a homemade vegetable soup. Never overeat regardless of how hungry you are. Fasting is giving break to the body it deserves. Therefore, it is important to become healthy during holy month of Ramadan.



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