Twitter links without changing the character limit

Popular social media app Twitter is planning to omit the use of links and photos from its 140-character limit for every tweet.
Originally twitter was setup as a text messaging app therefore restricting the limit to 140. However since twitter also allows users to share any links or images, it results in reducing the content limit by 23 characters for each link. Any additional links would further reduce the space for a full sentence.
Earlier when Twitter suggested adding long-form post format to allow users to share more content, the users did not appreciate this and it created a very negative response. As a result the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey guaranteed the 140-character would remain unchanged.
As a solution to the problem, Bloomberg reports there will be a possible change by the end of the month. The update will exclude the links and photos from the character limit, allowing users more space for their tweets. It will also benefit Twitter in advertising, as the same principle applies to promoted tweets.
This change comes with the hope of increasing the number of users, as last month’s released report illustrates only a small difference in its user base. The number of active users per month has only increased by 3 percent, which is 310 million, from a year ago and only a little higher than the earlier quarterly report of 305 million.
In other news Twitter has officially hired BET Networks chief executive Debra Lee, who is thrilled to be a part of the Twitter board and is known to have shared almost thousands of tweets as well as having about 67,400 followers on her account.