13 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

It’s time for Family Feud – Travel Edition! We surveyed one hundred people, and the top seven answers are on the board. “What stops people from traveling?” And the number one answer is — MONEY! It’s the mystery of mysteries as to how to travel without breaking the bank. However, there are many clever and FUN ways to save money while traveling.

Whether you are currently on the road or are in the planning phase of designing your next trip, the following tips will keep more than just a few pennies in your pocket:

Swipe Up Deals at the Supermarket

  • Skip the tourist trap restaurants that will guarantee to drain your wallet and head over to the local market to snag some locally grown fruits, veggies, and meats.
  • Take your culinary treasure to a park or nearby bench and enjoy your delights while you watch the locals buzz about their daily lives.

Bring Your Own Bottle

  • NEVER leave home without your reusable water bottle (and we mean never). Buy filtered water in large quantities and then refill your bottle as needed (or drink tap water if safe).
  • This automatically saves you $3 at the airport! You can bring an empty reusable bottle through security and then fill it up in the terminal — and many airports have filtered water filling stations. Score!

BYOB 21+ – 13 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

  • You can certainly enjoy an adult beverage while traveling, but swanky lounges and long nights out can certainly set your budget back. Pick up alcohol at a grocery store and have drinks at home before heading out.
  • A quick internet search of establishments that allow you to bring your own booze will give you some great options and help you save some bucks on the bar tab.

Tap Into the Sharing Economy

  • From FREE local Meetup groups to carpooling, there is a wide-ranging network of people that are willing to “scratch your back if you scratch theirs”.
  • Some great websites to check out are:,,,, Woofing, and more!

Be Proactive

  • Avoid “hanger” at all costs when traveling! Feeling like you are “starving” will throw all willpower out the window when it comes to your food fiscals.
  • Pack snacks in your day bag, such as nuts and nut butter, seeds, fruit, veggie sticks, protein bars, or whatever you like to nibble on. This will help you avoid reaching for the nearest (and most likely overpriced) food.

Love the Locals… – 13 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

  • It’s all about the recommendations! Ask the person working at the museum or market for what they love in their town. You will most likely be directed to the BEST places around that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Keep It Small and Simple

  • Pack a carry on ONLY. Now, before you cringe at the thought, many budget airlines do not include baggage fees and charge upwards of $35 or more to check in luggage. This can save you $70 right off the bat!
  • Bring the basics and bring clothes that layer well together. Pick up small toiletries once you have arrived at your destination.

Stick to H2O

  • Since you are already a savvy traveler and always have your reusable water bottle with you, stick to drinking only water. Soft drinks and juices will easily set you back a few bucks a pop!

Be a FREE Day Finder – 13 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

  • Many attractions, such as museums and parks, offer FREE admission on a particular day each month.  A quick internet search will help you figure out the FREE days and score these awesome deals!

D.I.Y. Adventure

  • Skip the overpriced Group Tour Packages and build your own adventure. Often you can use local transportation to get to the location and purchase an individual ticket (don’t forget your student or military I.D. if you have one for extra discounts).
  • There are usually multiple companies that offer the same tours. Always ask around to find the best price and don’t hesitate to ask for a deal ( Remember to consider the local economy and culture.  Don’t be the person that haggles over $2 in a place where the prices are already dirt cheap).

Ride the Rails

  • Or the bus, or group taxi, or other form of cheap local transportation. Avoid private taxis AT ALL COSTS.

Hit the Streets – 13 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

  • There isn’t no cheaper way to get around than your own two feet! If you are in a city or walking-friendly area, exploring in this way allows you to truly be able to observe your surroundings! You never know, you just might meet a nice local along the way.


  • There is a way to be cash conscious without being stingy or cheap. Browse the internet for coupons and deals but also don’t hesitate to politely ask if there are any specials going on that day.

It may be a bit cliche to say but traveling truly is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. There is a world full of fun, adventures, and memories waiting to be made. Get out there. The world awaits!

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