5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust

Group travel tours are a great way to explore new places. There are excellent benefits of group travel that offer a top-notch experience, especially during international travel.

First and foremost, group travel tours allow for a carefree trip. Although traveling is exciting, the logistics of the trip can be challenging. Trusty tour guides take care of the hard work and details while travelers are free to just relax and enjoy a trip that is already pre-arranged by professionals.

Secondly, tour companies have experience with the best places and have streamlined the tours so that travelers can simply appreciate all of the best parts of a vacation. Creating a travel itinerary can take weeks of research, but when traveling in a tour group, the custom itinerary is already organized.

Group travel tours are available all around the world in a variety of locations. Here is a hand-picked selection of group travel opportunities in an array of exciting destinations.

For Adventure Junkies: A Costa Rica Escapade

A Costa Rica Escapade

This five-day, four-night vacation to Costa Rica with Under 30 Experiences takes you straight from the airport to Playa Hermosa, a stunning beach where locals surf. The first day in Costa Rican paradise includes dinner and cocktails on the beach before heading to Manuel Antonio and settling in for the night.

The following days are filled with beach trips, relaxing under waterfalls, and optional salsa and yoga classes. An excursion to the fishing town of Quepos includes visits to local markets, tastings of fresh cuisine, and shopping. The adventure continues with Latin cooking classes, a sunset catamaran cruise, and surfing lessons. A group trip to Costa Rica offers all of the best of Central America’s culture, outdoor activities, and adventure travel in a beautiful setting of beaches and jungles.

For Art and History Aficionados: London to Lisbon – 5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust

London to Lisbon - 5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust

Encounter a small group travel experience through several hot spots in western Europe. This 22-day vacation with G Adventures starts in London includes a visit to Paris, France for sightings of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and world-famous art museums. After an invigorating trip through the Swiss Alps, arrive in Rome, Italy to see witness the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican, and Pantheon. Spend free time experiencing the wining and dining that the Italian nightlife offers.

The rest of the vacation includes the French Riviera, several locations in Spain including Barcelona and Madrid, and finally landing in Lisbon, Portugal. You’ll travel in a small group size of around 10 people for a close, intimate gathering of explorers.

For Those Who Crave the Exotic: An Asian Excursion

An Asian Excursion

An island-hopping trip through Asia with Intrepid Travel takes you from Bangkok, Thailand to Bali, Indonesia to experience spiritual temples, white sand beaches, and alluring nightlife. A group leader takes travelers on a 28-day journey that offers plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activity. Starting in Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, you’ll see street vendors offering delicious Thai food, opulent temples, and khlong boats. Trek through several Malaysian destinations like the tropical Penang, the thriving metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, and Yogyakarta, brimming with spiritual shrines.

End this month-long odyssey in the tranquil Balinese city of Ubud. Endless strikingly beautiful beaches, serene gardens, and small villages to explore make this tropical destination the perfect end to an exotic vacation.

For Thrill Seekers: A Middle Eastern Expedition – 5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust

A Middle Eastern Expedition - 5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust

A nine-day Middle Eastern vacation with Intrepid Travel is perfect for anyone who is interested in ancient landmarks and mysterious places. This trip commences in Jordan, a place where visitors will be immersed in ancient religious history. Float in the Dead Sea and enjoy the healing properties of the nutrient-rich mud. Visit ancient ruins, go to the Jordan Museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are held, and see the ancient tombs that date back to the 6th century B.C. An excursion by Jeep through the desert leads to Wadi Rum, a landscape filled with mountains and sand dunes where you’ll spend the night in the desert under the stars.

The next destination is Cairo, Egypt where travelers will be enchanted by the desert sands, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Mosque of Mohammed Ali. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids of Egypt are one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Shrouded in mystery, the pyramids are not only visually breathtaking but also a curious perplexity to explore.

The Benefits of Group Travel Are Immeasurable

Aside from the ease of departing on a group travel experience, there is an amazing opportunity to make new friends who have shared the same experiences. Meeting friends from all over the world who are sharing a trip together are likely to become fast friends who will keep in touch and possibly travel together again.

Another advantage to group travel is the awesome balance between safety in numbers, the assurance that the tour organization brings, and the freedom of being able to enjoy the locations independently. Traveling in a group is safer than traveling solo, but there is also a sense of individual freedom that the travelers have to stray from the tour if desired. Group travel is a unique experience for anyone who is looking for an adventure of a lifetime.