Android overtakes Windows

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“Android Beats The Windows For First Time”

Android is the world’s most popular operating system. Android got a very big milestone in March, overtaking Windows as the world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile combined. More people now use Android to contact to the internet than Windows, according to new figures.

Android topped the worldwide

In March, Android topped the worldwide OS internet usage market share with 37.93 per cent, with Windows just after at 37.91 per cent. Apple’s iOS operating system was third with 13.09 per cent. StatCounter called the March figures a “milestone in technology history and the end of an era”.
“In North America Windows (all versions) maintained its lead across all platforms with 39.5% share in March followed by iOS (25.7%) and Android (21.2%). In Europe Windows (51.7%) is more than double the level of Android (23.6%). However, in Asia, Android is on 52.2% compared to 29.2% for Windows.” While the balance between iOS and Android is more level in Western markets like the U.S.
In the meantime, Microsoft can still profit, the company has tied many Android device makers into paying it royalties through patent licensing deals.