Fun Ideas for Fall

Fun Ideas for Fall

The trees, though dour as the process as may be, paradoxically ascend into shades of luminous orange and pronounced gold. The pumpkins permeate hay-laden patches, glistening selfishly in the relenting autumnal sun. The Halloween costume stores abound with activity, as eager tricksters, yearning to decorate themselves in the garb of their favorite superheroes, dance among the shelves. It’s Fall and there are so many fun activities to make the season even more special than it already is. Here are some of our favorite fun ideas for Fall.

The Fall season is a time when we studiously prepare for the frigid Winter, while simultaneously marking our blessings through youthful frivolity, splendid Turkey-strewn dinners exemplifying gratitude and grace, and ubiquitous pine trees and lights illuminating sanguine hopes for the upcoming year.

Let today be something great and follow our 8 tips for making your Halloween and Fall an experience worthy of the channels of your memory, by following our tips.

Haunted House

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While the Autumn may be announced with Football, it truly begins with the vestiges of Halloween beginning to make their appearance. The seminal symbol associated with Halloween, aside from the ubiquitous pumpkin, is the haunted house.  Take your kids, your family, or a group of friends, to a local haunt of horrors to thoroughly indulge the spirit of Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch – Fun Ideas for Fall

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What better way to celebrate the imminence of Fall, then heading to your local pumpkin patch, and prescriptively identifying the ideal Jack-O-Lantern? Whether you intend on hoisting your pumpkin grandiosely on your porch afterward, for all your envious neighbors to see, or merely plan on finding an appropriate resting place for it in your interior space; a proper pumpkin will certainly place you in the ideal disposition for the holiday season.

Go On a Hayride

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The definition of a hayride, as articulated by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a pleasure ride usually at night by a group in a wagon, sleigh, or open truck partly filled with straw or hay.” What, you may ask, is the charm of a hayride? To us, it’s the anachronism of jovially bouncing along in an obsolete form of transportation, surrounded by rural accoutrements like hay, and gleefully rendering oneself into a bygone era. Try it! You won’t regret it.

Apple-Picking – Fun Ideas for Fall

Fun Ideas for Fall
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With the onset of Fall, and the more harrowing season of Winter, there’s often no more acute template for enjoying the waning sunlight than an afternoon at the apple orchard. Abridge your shopping list, select some genuinely fresh fruit, and wander in the comfortable Fall sun.


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We’ve already iterated the pleasures of the moderate, forgiving, somnolence of October and November temperatures. At the risk of sounding repetitive, let us reiterate them. Hiking, while not only a congenial form of exercise prior to the stupor of Winter hibernation, is also an unequivocal way of appreciating the changing of the seasons. With the blight of the summer heat dissipating, don your most comfortable flannel shirt and pair of hiking shoes and engage in a delightful stroll down a local trail.

Tailgating – Fun Ideas for Fall

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Are you ready for some football? What a trite and needless inquiry. Of course, we are. As red-blooded Americans, pigskin flows through our veins. Before vomiting out your vocal cords screaming in vehement support of your favorite team, congregate with your friends around a smoking barbecue prior to the contest. Embrace convivial chat and banter, the occasional round of margaritas or cold beers, take a long sigh, and mutter beneath your breath “This is the good life.”

Write Down a Letter of Gratitude

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Every year, regardless of its composition, we are saddled with stressors that can engender an unmitigated descent into entropy. Still, our inner reservoirs of strength hold, the dams display their resolve, and we trudge forward. That would not be possible if not for the steadying influences in our lives, our family, our friends, the extension of a helping hand on a dismal day, or an unexpected token of grace from a colleague or peer. So, give thanks: For another year, for today, and for those who make life worth living.

Compose a Fall Bucket List – Fun Ideas for Fall

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We can bandy about ideas to optimize your Fall till the New Year. Ultimately, however, we encourage you to compose your own list of ideas to thoroughly enjoy the season. Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and though it’s a tad premature, Happy Holidays.