New Google Analytics Fastbase Add-On Give You Much More Information

Since Google is Google and is always striving towards perfection and providing its users with all the information they could possibly need even before they have to ask, Google Analytic now has an add-on which allows users to view all the information available online about the companies that visit their websites.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most powerful and comprehensive online analytics tool available to companies and website owners. It allows turning insights into action by doing more than just measuring sales and conversions. It gives you an overall look at your customer base and how to make it even stronger and wider. It gives you insights into the full picture across different online platforms – social tools, smart phones, ads, videos, etc.

Because of all this, it is no surprise that a number of companies opt for Google Analytics when choosing an analytics framework that gets them all the details and provides actionable intelligence.


Fastbase Inc., which is a data provider located in Delaware and owned by Master seek Corp. and Saqoia Corp., and supplies all the company information and contact data to Google Analytics users in real-time thanks to the new add-on.

Benefits of the New Add-On

This new add-on has been gaining traction with Google Analytics users ever since it was introduced and is providing new leads to businesses by the hour. Not only can users view the information online, they can just as quickly download all the information about the visitors to their website in an Excel file. The add-on can also provide information on company employees – and by information we mean all information available online, especially email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.
fastbase with ga

This Fastbase add on provides information about more than 180 million companies and can provide the 49 million users of Google Analytics to generate leads for their business that they previously could not. The add on makes it easier for users to identify traffic coming from Google Adwords campaigns or directly to their website.

This add on is becoming very popular with all Google Analytic users especially because generating leads is no easy task and this add on makes it seem very simple. The information provided by Fastbase can be used to analyse the kind of companies visiting your website and can be used to determine what kind of business you can do in the future with those companies.
The revolutionary add on from Fastbase makes using Google Analytics for actionable insights even more rewarding in terms of information and leads.