no man's sky

Science-fiction enthusiasts are definitely in for an adventure.

No Man’s Sky is a game presented in an infinite fantastical universe in which every star is the light of a distant sun. The various planets are inhabited by different life forms waiting to be explored by you.

The player will experience an awesome sense of venture and imagination. Hello Games has took this game to whole different level of exceptional scale and ambition.

In the No Man’s Sky universe you will discover distinctive never-before-seen planets and life forms. The graphics are literally out of this world.

The game focuses on a mystery that lies at the center of the galaxy. It compels you to indulge into this irresistible journey to discover the true nature of the cosmos. In your journey you will encounter risks, obstacles, hazards, intimidating creatures and fierce pirates. In order to survive, you will need to prepare, upgrade your ship, suit and weapons.

The game revolves around making trivial decisions. You can choose to fight trade or explore. For every action there is a reaction and you have to bear the consequences that may follow. Your journey becomes more intense as you travel further into the No Man’s Sky universe. ‘Survival of the fittest’ takes on a whole new meaning as you’re head to head with unfathomable circumstances and opponents.

Here are some of the perks of the game:

  1. Infinite planets

With over 10 quintillion planets, the universe that No Man’s Sky has potentially created offers an infinite opportunity for the players to explore worlds that have never been seen before. Interesting life forms, habitats and much more are waiting to be discovered.

  1. Interchange play-styles

You don’t only have the liberty to choose the play-styles but can freely change while playing. Whether you choose to be a pirate or a hunter battling your way to the center of the galaxy is entirely up to you. Having said this is prepared for the consequences.

  1. Share your journey

As your journey progresses through a world of uncovered solar systems and planets, you can choose to share your discoveries with other players by adding them to the Galactic Map, associated with your PSN ID. You can constantly update the highlights of your journey using PlayStation 4’s share functions.

  1. Trade and move through the galaxy

The game encompasses the trading of rare resources that will help you gain a great fortune that later on you will be able to exchange for upgrades and ships that can carry ever more cargo. However, with this comes the disadvantage of attracting the attention of ruthless space pirates.
It is worth mentioning here that with all the good reviews coming out there have been some not so good ones too. Certain gamers are annoyed with the game when it halts for the sake of a survival loop. For instance, if you are out of carbon you will need to wander in search of a local plant life and slowly cut it down with a mining tool.
There are many instances similar to this one which annoyingly just delays the progression of the player and the game itself.
All in all, it’s a must try. Don’t be biased prior to playing the game for yourself. Avoid indulging into too many reviews and form an opinion of your own.