10 Best Christmas Candies to Buy This Holiday Season

10 Best Christmas Candies to Buy This Holiday Season

Christmas is coming up soon, and personalized candy favors are a great way to add unique touches to your holiday gatherings with family and friends. Desserts and sweets go perfectly with Christmas. The Christmas dessert table is always piled with delicious treats like pies, fruit cakes, and trifles. However, holiday candies are just as tasty and joyful as baked pastries and other delicacies. Here are 10 of our favorite Christmas candies to buy this holiday season.

While peppermint bark is the most popular option in eight states, other unexpected top options include Skittles and Starburst, which have flavor profiles. Among the most popular Christmas treats, candy canes are popular in two states. In contrast, chocolate-based candies, such as chocolate Santas, Hershey’s Kisses, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Reese’s Cups, and Reese’s Pieces, are popular in dozens of others.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees

Your favorite candies reveal information about you. In that case, you’re amazing if Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees are your favorite sweet. This dessert may be most associated with Christmas because of its traditional Christmas tree shape.

Still, a similar candy shaped like a pumpkin is also popular during October. But perhaps that’s all we require to get in the holiday spirit, along with a scattering of Reese’s Pieces throughout the rich peanut butter interior.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Peppermint Bark

What could be more addictive than peppermint bark? Come on! It’s the (second) best holiday flavor when the milk chocolate and peppermint layers combine in one mouthful. Peppermint bark is significant in Christmas snacking, whether you create your own using your grandma’s recipe or buy the store brand. Stock up on Ghirardelli squares since they are the best and satisfy your sweet tooth even after Christmas.

Brach’s Mini Candy Canes – 10 Best Christmas Candies to Buy This Holiday Season

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Candy canes are an absolute holiday staple since they serve as ornaments for Christmas trees. These miniatures are the ideal size for a sweet and minty surprise that will melt into your cup of hot chocolate. The miniature candy canes are considerably easier to eat, even though the larger ones are still necessary treats. And if you still want that pepperminty Christmas flavor, you can always sneak one more (or three or four).

Butter Mint Candy

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The ideal complement to a candy tray buffet or for serving coffee is chocolate-dipped, sugar-free peppermint candy. Butter mints are deliciously smooth and creamy and come in five design options-Christmas lights, Deck the Halls, snowflakes, snow mittens, and Merry and Bright. You’ll feel like a kid again after consuming this cinnamon and vanilla mixture, which is both sweet and delicious.

Kit Kat Gingerbread Cookie Miniatures

Gingerbread isn’t exactly out of the question, considering how many Kit Kat flavors have exploded in recent years (anything from Key Lime Pie to Fruity Cereal). These tiny treats have crisp wafers covered in gingerbread-flavored crème. Christmas candies frequently exclude traditional holiday flavors (as long as it’s red and green, who cares, right? ), but this delight makes up for it. This Kit Kat sounds like a win-win because you can now enjoy the delightful gingerbread flavor without having to do any baking.

Dove Peppermint Bark – 10 Best Christmas Candies to Buy This Holiday Season

For some reason, Dove chocolate has always been associated with luxury—it must be that buttery-smooth texture and excellent marketing. You can create genuine Christmas grandeur by adding mint to those famous sweet squares. These candies have a wonderful crunch from the candy cane bits, and the tinfoil-wrapped words are always slightly witty.

SweeTarts Merry Mix

Isn’t SweeTARTS’ dualistic nature a perfect metaphor for the season? Although they do not have the same spicy flavor as the traditional Christmas delicacy, the “Merry Mix” of these fine confections is an excellent example of seasonal ingenuity since they come in the shapes of snowmen, bells, and trees. They have a tangy edge and are extremely sweet (like the sensation of Christmas morning). 

Frosty Nerds

Punch, watermelon, and wild cherries don’t exactly conjure up pleasant holiday memories. Still, each offers a little super-sweet magic in its own right. Frosty Nerds will work as the filler for any stockings that require it.

Who doesn’t want sugar on sugar on sugar? Nerds are formed by spinning tiny sugar crystals with more sugar. There is no one way to have it, whether you savor each one slowly or cram a full dozen into your mouth.

Ribbon Candy – 10 Best Christmas Candies to Buy This Holiday Season

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Some things look better than they taste. Occasionally there’s a reason for that: ribbon candy, a classic treat, was created in the 1800s so retailers would have something to decorate their windows each holiday. Ribbon candies are still utilized today less for consumption and more to glam up a dessert table.

Let’s say that ribbon candy is always lovely to have around with its gorgeous red and green stripes (plus other colors), not to mention its oh-so-glossy finish. Although it is undoubtedly pure sugar, nostalgia is also a pure emotion.

Christmas Dots 

Gumdrops have a place in the Christmas tradition, even though they may not be as revered as other holiday staples like chocolate and peppermint. Imagine Buddy the Elf arriving at the Lincoln Tunnel after navigating a sea of whirling gumdrops. The best-selling gumdrop company in America, Dots, creates snow-capped Christmas peak gummies by combining cherry, lime, and vanilla gummies. Do people like them? Yes, since they are sweets!