7 Helpful Zoom Video Meeting Tips

7 Helpful Zoom Video Meeting Tips

Working from home might seem a little daunting; how are you supposed to communicate efficiently with your co-workers and make your meetings? Fortunately, Zoom Meetings, a video conferencing app, is around to make all your work from home troubles a little less stressful. Zoom is a great video conferencing app to invest in since it has a wide range of features that include auto-transcribing and virtual backgrounds. So how do you get into Zoom, and how easy is it to use? We are going to break down for you with these seven helpful Zoom video meeting tips. These tips outline key facts and tricks with using this popular video conferencing app. 

1. Zoom Can Sync With Your Calendar 

Working from home can already throw off your work vibe. Make life a little easier by syncing your calendar with Zoom. This will allow you to schedule Zoom meetings with a link via events that are on your calendar. You can then send those meetings to any participant, and they can join with the link that is sent. 

2. Schedule a Zoom Meeting – 7 Helpful Zoom Video Meeting Tips

If you want to get ahead of your schedule, create a Zoom meeting in advance. On Zoom’s home screen, you will see an option to pre-schedule your next Zoom meeting. You can easily edit the details of your Zoom meeting or schedule it to be a recurring meeting if it needs to be. The meeting will be set up with a specific link and password that you can send out via text message or email to all the participants. If you’re in the meeting missing a person, you can easily add them. 

3. Customize Your Preferences

Of course, with Zoom, you can have preferences that match you. For people, especially working from home with some early or late clients, the “Touch Up My Appearance” feature might seem fitting. This will add a filter to your webcam, and you don’t have to worry about throwing makeup on or showering. You can also add options like “Turn off my video when joining a meeting,” allowing you a little privacy when you instant join the meeting. 

4. Mute Yourself – 7 Helpful Zoom Video Meeting Tips

Like many of us, when working from home, our new office space is anything but quiet. Kids are running around, the dogs are barking, and the television is blaring. When you’re in a meeting and not talking, you can have the option to mute yourself quickly. You can easily unmute yourself by holding down your keyboard, but everyone’s life will be a little easier when they can’t hear your dog barking. 

5. Connect with Slack 

Some teams use Slack to help communicate with each other, and Zoom only wants to make it easier for you. The system administrator can integrate Zoom and Slack together for a simple video conference on the fly. When using Slack, all you need to do is type “/zoom” into Slack, and a meeting link will instantly appear into the Slack conversation, prompting a video meeting. 

6. Record your Meeting – 7 Helpful Zoom Video Meeting Tips

One key feature of Zoom is the fact that you can record your meeting and save it. This could be an essential feature for multi-functional team members, long-term projects, or if Joe was sick and had to miss the meeting. The recording can be saved to your device or Zoom cloud for later viewing. 

7. Zoom isn’t Free

Important things to remember is Zoom is only free for meetings that are under 40 minutes long and have less than five people. Zoom Pro is $14.99/month per host, and the meeting time frame is 24 hours. Zoom Business is excellent for businesses over 1,000 employees and is $19.99/month. 

Hopefully, this answered some of your questions about Zoom, and now you feel better prepared to use it for your next meeting.