8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles

8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles

Love handles, it’s a battle of the bulge many of us struggle with, but some people want theirs to be a little less defined. This part of your body can be notoriously challenging to tone since the fat sits on the side of your abdomen. You might think hitting your abs a lot will tone those babies right up, but it isn’t that simple since you need to target your obliques specifically. With that in mind, here are eight exercises for reducing stubborn love handles.

When looking for ways to tone your love handles, remember that spot reducing doesn’t work. Instead try to maintain a healthy diet for fat loss and choose workouts that tone and shape every part of your body. Trust us, your love handles will soon disappear. If you want to add some workouts for the obliques into your plan, here are some of our favorites.

Russian Twist 


Start by sitting on your butt with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lean your torso back so it has a 45-degree angle to the floor. Start by twisting your torso side to side, maybe tapping your hands on the floor. Each rep is both sides and try 25-50 reps. You can make it more challenging by lifting your feet from the floor or adding a weight. 

Bridge – 8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles

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There are multiple variations of the bridge, each serving to mobilize the lower back. The classic bridge is performed by lying on your back with knees bent and your feet placed hip distance apart on the floor. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out lift your hips off the floor until shoulders hips and knees are in a straight line. As you breathe in lower your hips to the floor. Repeat eight to twelve times.


While standing, keep your feet hip distance apart and hold a weight in both hands. Keep the weight to one side and hold a small lunge. Move the weight to the opposite corner of the room while pivoting, in a woodchop motion. Do 20 reps per side. 

Bicycle Crunches – 8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles


Lay down on your mat and place your legs in a tabletop position. Keep your hands behind your head and elbows wide. Start the bicycle motion by crunching up and moving your right elbow to left knee, going back to center, then moving your left elbow to right knee. One rep is hitting both sides and try it out 20 times. 

Standing Oblique Crunch – 8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles

Keep your feet hip distance apart and hold a weight on one side. On your weighted side, crunch down so your weight goes to your knee, then stand back up. That’s one rep. Make sure to keep your back straight, chest forward, and chin off your chest and you can place your opposite hand behind your head if you want. Do 20 reps per side. 

Mountain Climber Crossover 

Start in a plank with your wrist under your shoulders and back straight. Engage your core and keep your butt tucked the entire time. Take one leg and drive the knee underneath you to the opposite elbow, then go back to your starting position before switch legs. Doing both legs is one rep and try 10-15 reps. If you need to modify you can hold your plank on your knees and do the same movement by moving the leg up, crunching, straightening it out, and dropping your knee. 

Cross Roll Up – 8 Exercises for Reducing Stubborn Love Handles

Start by laying flat on your mat with your hands over your head. Slowly peel your back off the mat, vertebrae by vertebrae while your hangs stay above your head. Once you are fully up, lean your right arm to your left toe and slowly lower back down. Do both sides for one rep and try 15 reps. Remember this is a move meant to be slow. 



Burpees are great for cardio and hitting your abs. Start standing in a neutral position, place your hands on the mat and jump your feet to a plank position. Hold your plank then jump your feet back to your hands and stand up with a jump at the end. That is one burpee. You can easily take the jumps out of these and instead step into a plank; it will be just as challenging. Try 10 reps. 

Remember, spot hitting one area of your body won’t yield the results you want. Instead maintain a healthy diet, choose workouts that tone the entire body and remember it takes time to achieve your goals. You’re doing great and don’t give up.