8 Retailers That Are Hiring Right Now

With the spread of COVID-19, some employers are laying their employees off since they aren’t considered an essential business. This time can be scary for many, not knowing when things will return to normal and if they will have a job when COVID-19 clears up. 

Luckily for us, there are still a plethora of companies that are hiring to meet demand due to COVID-19. Over a dozen national companies are looking for workers and creating a solid hiring plan. It might not be the best career shift for some, but it’s still a job at the end of the day that will bring some income in. 

Here who’s currently hiring. 


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Amazon, an online retailer giant, is looking to hiring around 100,000 workers since there has been an “unprecedented” surge in demand. Most of the jobs include warehouse and delivery drivers. Amazon has also raised salaries by $2 for their current workers.

Check the Amazon website for available positions. 

2. CVS

Drugstores are seeing a big boom in business during this time. CVS will hire around 50,000 additional employees to keep up with demand. The company has also been awarding bonuses from $150 to $500 to employees who are directly working with patients. Jobs include store associates, home delivery, distribution center workers, and customer service employees. CVS will hold virtual job fairs and interviews. 

Apply for CVS here.

3. Walmart 

Walmart wants to hire 150,000 employees for temporary positions, which will last through May. Some of the jobs will convert to full-time positions, and they are looking for employees for their stores, clubs, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. Walmart has streamlined its hiring process from two weeks to 24 hours. 

Apply at Walmart here.

4. 7-Eleven 

7-Eleven is one of the largest convenience store chains, and they’re looking to hiring 20,000 jobs. This is to meet increased demand with jobs ranging from in-store positions to delivery jobs.

You can apply online at

5. Albertsons 

Albertsons’ will be filling 30,000 temporary jobs. This includes their other store like Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Acme, and more. The company is currently working with hospitality and food service companies that have been furlough workers. Other local grocery stores are also hiring, so check your local store. 

You can apply here for Albertsons, Safeway and other grocery stores here.

6. Domino’s 

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain, and they need to hire around 10,000 employees. Their roles would be a pizza maker, delivery drivers, and customer service reps. The company is also looking for Class A CDL drivers to help with supply chain demand.

You can apply to 

7. GE Healthcare 

Ventilators are in high demand now and other critical medical supplies. GE is expanding its manufacturing capacity and needs workers to help out. 

Explore jobs at GE Healthcare here.

8. Instacart

Instacart helps fill grocery store orders, and the company wants to hire 30,000 full-service shoppers over the next three months. That’s more than double their workforce, but the demand for at-home delivery is high. You can go to the companies website to learn more. 

Apply here.

These are just eight companies that are hiring nationwide. You can check your local stores and chains to see who else is hiring.