10 Places in the US That Will Remind You of Europe

Making vacation plans to Europe? Numerous American cities have the same charming, historic charm as their European counterparts. You can escape the long journey to a place with all the ambiance, beauty, and romance of Europe. Here are 10 places in the US that will remind you of Europe and save you hundreds of dollars on an overseas trip. Start setting aside money now if you plan to attend all of them. These American holiday spots will transport you to Europe, complete with tulips, authentic cobblestones, and classic architecture.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Known as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” this community was established in 1845 as a Bavarian mission colony for Lutherans.

It features German architecture and a rich German past. They are also renowned for being a location for festivals all year round, with activities taking place each season.

The town is well-known for Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, the world’s biggest Christmas store, lets you celebrate Christmas all year long.

Visit Splash Village, one of Michigan’s premier indoor waterparks. Try the world-famous chicken supper from Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn.

Leavenworth, Washington

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This charming Alpine-style village offers a touch of Bavaria with its fascinating specialty stores, unique dining options, spas, and warm lodging.

Initially known as Icicle Flats, Leavenworth was first populated as a trading center around 1885. But it wasn’t always Bavarian. Reviving Leavenworth as a tourist theme town emerged in the 1960s, and the idyllic alpine backdrop offered the ideal theme: a Bavarian village. Together, the mayor and the owners of the local businesses changed Leavenworth’s exterior to resemble the Bavarian hamlet you see today.

Healdsburg, California – 10 Places in the US That Will Remind You of Europe

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Healdsburg, tucked along the Russian River in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, mixes small-town charm, breathtaking vistas, and award-winning vintages with an eclectic mix centered around a lovely town plaza surrounded by stores, restaurants, tasting rooms, galleries, and bars. There are still various opportunities to dine, drink, shop, and explore your way in Healdsburg.

A plaza from the 19th century serves as the hub of Healdsburg. It serves as a significant gathering place for both locals and visitors.

Solvang, California

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This picturesque town, also known as the Danish capital of America, is dotted with cute shops and has a well-known white and red windmill.

A group of Danish Americans who had bought 9,000 acres to start a Danish town far from the harsh winters of the Midwest in 1911 established a new settlement. In 1947, the neighborhood adopted its characteristic Danish-themed design and has since grown to be a well-known travel destination. Although just 10% of the population is Danish in the 21st century, the town draws many visitors from the Nordic region. It has hosted multiple visits by the Danish royal family.

St. Augustine, Florida

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It should be no surprise that this city is full of Spanish colonial architecture, such as cobblestone walkways and balconies, given that it was built by Spanish settlers in 1565. It’s the earliest American city. 42 years before the English built Jamestown and 55 years before the Pilgrims reached Plymouth Rock, the Spanish founded our country’s first settlement at St. Augustine.

The street layout and architectural atmosphere of St. Augustine are the only ones in the United States influenced by Spanish roots.

Vail, Colorado – 10 Places in the US That Will Remind You of Europe

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You undoubtedly know this town best for its world-class ski resorts, but did you know that Zermatt, a Swiss village at the foot of the Swiss Alps, served as inspiration? Because of this, you’ll discover architecture with ornamental balconies and fine woodwork everywhere you turn.

The village, located within the White River National Forest, serves as a starting point for winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding. It is also home to the biggest ski resort. Golf, hiking, and cultural festivals are popular summertime activities there.

Pella, Iowa

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This tranquil village in the Midwest will give you the impression that you are in the Netherlands thanks to its large windmill and Dutch-style architecture.

Pella is a true “Little Holland,” founded by Dutch immigrants in 1847. A replica of a Dutch plaza called Molengracht, together with a canal, is located just off Main Street and is home to the biggest operational grain windmill in the nation. Travel in May to take part in the annual Tulip Time Festival.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Before the French snuck up and claimed Louisiana in 1682, the now New Orleans area was inhabited by native people. This city has a distinct sense of both France and Spain because it was established by French colonists and afterward annexed by Spain under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. French influences can be seen in both the wrought iron balconies and the well-known Jackson Square. Jazz resulted from so many different influences that you would need to write a book to even begin to cover its origins. But one thing is certain: Jazz originated in New Orleans.

Venice, California – 10 Places in the US That Will Remind You of Europe

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It’s tough to avoid striking similarities between this well-known Italian town and the one in California. Both have many canals and bridges, but the destination in the United States has man-made waterways. But it’s still impressive to see.

Venice, a bustling coastal town with upmarket shopping and living areas, is known for its bohemian atmosphere. The artistically vibrant and free-spirited Venice Boardwalk is home to hip stores, street performers, and murals. A skate park and Muscle Beach outdoor gym is also present. There are trendy shops, coffee shops, and hotspots for foodies on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Modernist houses line the canals that form a lovely neighborhood.

Montpelier, Vermont

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The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. This lovely town, which bears the same name as Montpelier, France, was established in 1781 and has a lengthy history. It is a must-see because of its French-style architecture and gorgeous fall foliage.

The Vermont State House, a Greek Revival structure with a gold dome and ornamental and fine art collections, was built in 1859. Near the Vermont History Museum, a multimedia display and mural reflect the state’s history.