China just built a bus that travels over traffic

china new electric bus

If you got the chance to surf the internet for random recordings on Facebook or another media networking sites, chances are that you have presumably seen the idea video of that Chinese train/transport hybrid vehicle that can maneuver over cars as well as traffic.

In any case, we all thought it was a prototype. We all thought that despite being the solution to our first world problem, it could never really move to the production stage.

However, China just proved us wrong.

china bus
China Xinhua News said that the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is not only a concept, but has started test-runs in China already. This happened in Qinhuangdao City, and comprised of a brake and power utilization test which went successful.

The environmentally friendly vehicle is fueled by electricity and solar energy generated by panels placed on the roof.

It is around 72 feet long and 25 feet wide (so it can traverse different paths of movement) and can convey 300 travelers (yet future renditions could likely be coupled together to convey much more). 1200 passengers can travel if the developers decide to use four adjoining cars at a time.

What’s more, when it starts operations, it is believed to travel at a maximum speed of around 40 miles for each hour, making one of the fastest modes of modern day travel.

While the prototype still isn’t prepared for mass production, it is astonishing to see China transform a concept into a reality. Also, different nations like Brazil, France, India and Indonesia have contacted China for licensing of their own versions of the TEB.
The interior of the bus features an ergonomic design with minimal fittings yet remains to look classy and futuristic. The seating arrangement is minimal while the developers catered more towards standing passengers.
The exterior of the bus sports a blue design which houses the passenger cabin on top. Below is a set of wheels which are to function on a set of tracks. The idea behind the bus is to overcome the problem of traffic. The developers have left ample space to cater to the cars in an event of traffic.
china huge bus
This is the first time a Transit Elevated Bus is being developed to run on electricity. Electric vehicles are something that shows up in the news all the time. Electric cars create less pollution than gasoline-powered vehicles, so they are an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. Any news story about hybrid cars is advancement in electric vehicles as well since they share technology.
An electric car is a car powered by an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine. In most cases, electric cars are created by converting a gasoline-powered vehicle.
The major features include gasoline engine is replaced by an electric motor, the electric motor gets its power from a controller and the controller gets its power from an array of rechargeable batteries.