Computer software animation worth trying

3d max autodesk

The animation industry has a number of styles and demands both in 2D and 3D.

If you have a deep understanding of animation principles you can use each tool of software according to your need. But we can’t deny that all software has its own perks and benefits which differs from other.

Most animators will find it difficult to learn to whatever software their studio chooses for them. But if you have the option to choose one of your choices on your own then here are some options to pick from.

Here is some software you can choose from.

  • FlipBook (DigiCel):

For creating any 2D software, flipbook and Flash should be on the top priority. FlipBook (DigiCel) software does everything from digital painting to scanning to lighting. Every company boasts up their software every year for perfection. These software needs update according to the demand or the taste of their users. flipbook software image
But FlipBook has remained unchanged for 15 years because it has everything it needs. If you are looking for 2D animator who wants less computer involvement that FlipBook is surely for you.

  • Flash (Adobe):

If you want to make web animation and that to without paper, scanned all at once, than Flash Adobe is certainly the right choice. If you are unprofessional and want to make something quick or even if you own a professional animation studio of your own and looking for a  large audience than, Flash Adobe, is the most low budget option to choose as it is easy to use. adobe flash software
It is used rarely for long videos or film, but certainly great software for short films or videos. Google and the other well known company’s use it time to time to promote their products.

  • Poser:

If your job is just to model 3D skin, rig, texture, lightening and other 3D specialties then our team is here for your service. You have the full support of our staff. If you want to work on animations exclusively and showcase your skills why to bother the rest of software when you have this one. poser software
If this is what you considering that Poser should be first on your priority as it supports a free human library and 3D meshes, this will save your time. Yes, it can also do other wonders.

  • Cinema 4D (Maxon):

There are bulks of software out there which compete with each other, but nothing beats this up till because of its momentum since 5 years. It may not be so rampant in the 3D world of gaming industry, but it has done wonders on the big screen like movies. maxon cinema 4d software
It is newly introduced in the industry, but has made its popularity in no time. The software will be more useful as soon as the demand of the software increases.

  • 3D Max, Autodesk:


It has given the competition in the 3D gaming industry just the way iPhone gave to other Android phones.
There is nothing this software doesn’t hold.

If you can pay the higher price of the software than it is worth using.