Eddie Redmayne is a Proud Hufflepuff

We are the generation that has spent all our teenage engrossed in the Harry Potter universe – we’ve read the books, we’ve seen all the movies, we’ve got accounts on Pottermore which we’re very active with, and we’ve taken every Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz there is out there. The one thing most of us have in common – we want to be sorted into Gryffindor, or maybe even Slytherin, and some might even want to be sorted into Ravenclaw. But nobody ever says they want to be a Hufflepuff – because let’s face it what did the Hufflepuffs ever do? But apparently not everyone thinks like that!

Proud Hufflepuff

Meet Eddie Redmayne, Academy award winning actor and an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, recently starred in a Public Service Announcement in which he declared that not only was he a Hufflepuff but he was a proud Hufflepuff! He continues to say that Hufflepuffs have been long been victimized and called crude things such as boring, beige, and even “the nice guys”, but no more! Redmayne believes that Hufflepuffs stand for loyalty, fierce friendship, hard work, compassion, and the drive to the do the right thinks for the sake of it and not for the glory. Was that a jab at Gryffindor? I believe it was!

No matter what Academy award winner Eddie Redmayne, OBE says, it seems like a hard sell to convince the wizarding community at large about the aforementioned qualities of Hufflepuffs. They’ve always been one of the less glamorous and least prestigious of the four Hogwarts houses.

You have brave Gryffindor, sneaky Slytherin, smart Ravenclaw, and there is Hufflepuff which is just there – they seem to exist in their own little worlds without much thought to anyone else. Due to Helga Hufflepuff’s policy of accepting any student and its usually poor performance in the House Cup, Hufflepuff is often thought to be the house of less talented wizards and witches. But to be fair Hufflepuff has also produced the fewest number of dark wizards than any other house at Hogwarts.
One of the most renowned Hufflepuff wizards was Newton Scamander, portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in his movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them”. He was a magical creature’s expert and did a lot of work in the field of magizoology.
It is clear that no house is perfect, but Hufflepuff is the least perfect of them all. Let’s see if Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Newt Scamander convinces the wizarding world of the awesomeness of the house of Hufflepuff.