English Managers do not get Enough Chances

Wenger praised Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe for taking the chance given to him

Arsene Wanger talks about how Eddie Howe, the boss of Bournemouth is a very good example for young English managers to look up to.
Furthermore, Arsene Wenger believes that English managers do not get enough chances while he praised the boss of Bournemouth for taking his chance when he was given one,

Olivier Giroud celebrates his winning goal against West Brom
Olivier Giroud celebrates his winning goal against West Brom
Howe is only among the four English managers that are currently present in the Premier League and he has definitely helped pave Bournemouth’s position in the top flight since promotion in 2015.
Arsene Wanger said that Howe is one of the counter examples, he is a young promising manager who has got his chance, and he has taken it in a club that established themselves now as a regular competitor in the Premier League
“I think even in the Championship, let’s not forget they had a remarkable season, they scored over 100 goals, you know. It’s not only that they survive, but they have a style of play that is a positive style of play.” Says Arsene Wanger.
Mesut Ozil's performance in Arsenal's defeat at Manchester City was criticised by some supporters
Mesut Ozil’s performance in Arsenal’s defeat at Manchester City was criticised by some supporters
Arsenal journey to the Vitality Stadium having misplaced their final two away games in opposition to Everton and Man metropolis in December, regardless of being 1-0 up in each games.

Wenger’s facet picked up plenty of criticism for town defeat, especially related to midfielder Mesut Ozil’s work fee, however the Frenchman insists he works harder than most supply him credit score for.

Arsene Wanger says that he agrees that it was not the player’s best performance and the style of the player is such that does not reflect the intensity of commitment of the work that should have been there in the first place. However, Mesut Ozil is such a player that is technical as well as exceptional, and there is no doubt that his commitment is much more bigger than people expect and judge sometimes.

Wenger is looking for Arsenal to step up in 2017
Wenger is looking for Arsenal to step up in 2017
He further says that he agrees that at Manchester City, the player was not at is best but the overall performance from the start of the season has been exceptional and he has showed his commitment and his work rate. Moreover, if the work rate or Mesut Ozil is analyzed after the game, it is quite tremendous  The number of runs the player makes to go beyond the defender. This definitely means that Mesut Ozil has improved a lot. It cannot be denied that he scores more goals and yes he does not cover enough of the chances that he created but he definitely scores more.
Arseen Wanger says that he is confident that the team moved a level up in 2016. He says that they have gone a level up and are qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, they are still high up in the Premier League.
The EPL scoreboard shows that Arsenal is currently at the fourth position with 19 games layed out of which they have won 12 games and have lost 3 games, and four of the games were drawn. They have 40 points in total until now in the Premier League.