Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin offers an unique combination of professional trade fair and urban street and fashion culture. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the green fashion market as well as current developments and trends – with an exhibition, a “Knowledge Lounge”, seminars and workshops. The Postbahnhof at the Ostbahnhof – one venue, two fairs: Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom, an international fair for sustainable fashion. During Berlin Fashion Week both international B2B trade fairs form the centre for sustainable fashion in Europe – focussing on fashion design and sustainability.

International trade fair for eco-fair street- and casualwear.

fashion week berlinIT WILL LAST FOREVER

Fashion Show Ethical Fashion on Stage At the Ethical Fashion on Stage the newest trends  in street and casual wear are shown on the  catwalk. Take advantage of this opportunity and  register without delay! It is also possible to book  your own show
4 During Berlin Fashion Week, the Postbahnhof functions as the central hub for eco fashion. It  offers an attractive platform for both up-and-coming and established labels.
Meeting place for:

  • International manufacturers and designers of eco-fair fashion
  • Retailers and wholesalers of fashion
  • Green fashion network
  • International trade press, special interest media, fashion and lifestyle magazines
KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL Mette Morup “We are very satisfied. Our stand had a lot of  visitors on each day of the trade fair and the  quality of contacts was high. The majority of  visitors is already well informed about the  topic of eco-fair fashion. This led to interesting  discussions with the press and purchasers“.
REET AUS  Reet Aus “For us, this trade fair is definitely the „place  to be“. We consider it a highlight to be able to  present some of our collection at the fashion  show. This is where labels, purchasers and media  representatives come together“.

trade-fairLANIUS Katharina Ley “At the trade fair, we enjoyed a high frequency of visitors to our stand. It also offers us a  good opportunity to make contact with foreign  customers. Purchasers from the conventional  retail industry come here looking for new brands.  And our existing customers can also gain some  initial impressions of our new collection. We  also enjoyed a good reception from the press  both at the Salonshow and on all three days of  the trade fair“.
During Berlin Fashion Week, the Postbahnhof functions as the central hub for eco fashion. It  offers an attractive platform for both up-and-coming and established labels.


For over a year, we have been targeting  conventional fashion retailers, both in advance  of the trade fair as well as with events during  fashion week. In addition to online retailers,  boutiques and concept stores, classic fashion  retailers are one of our most important visitor  target groups. We see new potential for  participating labels in this respect. We have  already seen initial successes: the number of  retailers has increased and many see sustainable  fashion as an opportunity to expand their  segment.

High level of decision makers at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Visitor groups Fashion trade:  Fashion retailers and whole salers, concept stores, online shops, mail order companies, department stores, chainstores, trading companies and agents, associations and institutions

Media:  Trade press, daily press, Lifestyle- and fashion press, special interest media, blogs, TV and radio
Visitors countries:  The visitors come from over 40 countries; the 12  most important countries are: Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy,  Poland, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Japan,  France, Belgium and Spain


  • Eco without the eco warriors ZEIT ONLINE  Berlin Fashion Week starts today. There‘s  certainly still a lot to moan about. But the city has  finally found its niche: ethically produced fashion.
  • Capital city of fairness Kölner Stadt-Anzeige Berlin Fashion Week has become a meeting  place for labels and designers that produce in an  environmentally friendly and socially just manner.  Nowhere else can you find such a high concentration of sustainable  fashion – not in Paris, Milan, London or New York

Our basic understanding of sustainability in fashion
At the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, we present  fashion labels that are distinguished by modern  design and combine environmental protection,  social responsibility and transparency as a core  element in their collection. In order to take part in  the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin a company needs  to meet certain standards.
70 % of the exhibits need to fulfil our sustainability  criteria. In addition, the exhibitor should be able  to cover at least one ecological and one social  aspect. Transparency aspects can help to verify  social and ecological engagement. We developed  our interpretation of sustainable fashion in  cooperation with Get Changed! The Fair Fashion  Network. The Green showroom and Ethical  Fashion Show Berlin take the same view.