The Wait is over! The iPhone 7 is here!

The iPhone is the most awaited tech gadget of all, and the wait is universal. Every year iPhone aficionados spend months speculating about the rumored features and enhancements, and every year iPhone users queue outside tech retailers to get their hands on the latest upgrade to their favorite smartphone.

Once again, it’s the time of the year when the new iPhone is unveiled. All the iPhone aficionados and lovers have finally been satisfied with the unveiling of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Most of the rumors about the new iPhone seem to have been true. The new iPhone 7 is fully waterproof, has only two models, has a new color, and has NO headphone jack!

iphone 7
In a rare slipup, Apple Inc. released a photo of the new iPhone on Twitter minutes before the actual unveiling, and then deleted it. The photo, which many lucky fans got to see, showed the phone as having a dual lens camera and the new jet black color with invisible antenna lines.
The unveiling took place as scheduled at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in Sab Francisco with a lot of celebrity appearances, with the biggest celebrity being the iPhone 7 itself. Tim Cook took to the stage and hailed the iPhone as a cultural phenomenon and said that the iPhone 7 was the best phone Apple ever created. Costing the same as the iPhone 6s did when it was unveiled; the iPhone 7 has one huge element that differs from the iPhone 6 – the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.
iphone 7 headphones
Rumors about the iPhone 7 to drop the headphone jack had been going around the worldwide web for quite some time, there were people who thought Apple wouldn’t be doing it, but well they did it! The 3.5mm headphone jack has been removed to create more space and to make the iPhone 7 thinner than previous models.
The new iPhone 7 comes with lightning earphones which will use the lightning cable, which was previously only used to charge the phone, to connect to audio. Apple is calling this a courageous move towards advancement, but many users aren’t too happy about it – especially the ones who have spent big on expensive headphones. To cater to all users, the new iPhone 7 comes equipped with a lightning to 3.5mm adaptor that will let them connect their choice of headphones or earphones to the iPhone 7.
iphone 7 camera

To highlight their commitment to a wireless future, and also to complement the drop of the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple also unveiled AirPods which are wireless earphones that connect to devices using Apple’s own technology instead of Bluetooth as all other wireless devices. They are priced at $159 and come with their own charging case.

Apple also introduced the all new Apple Watch which is now swimproof and has a built-in GPS. It also has a new version which was designed with Nike and is aimed specifically at runners.
iphone watch
The new iPhone 7’s unveiling really was the event of the year, with all new iPhone gadgets and lots of celebrity appearances. Pre-orders for the new iPhone 7 will start on September 9th and will be launched in 28 countries on 16th September with an additional 30 countries set to receive the phone a week later.