Managing Pain Injury with Cannabis

Managing Pain Injury with Cannabis

Medical marijuana has been legalized for several years today and it has been reported to be highly helping people with symptoms. Using cannabis helps relieving the pain and allows them to do daily activities normally. It is also reported that cannabis helps reducing dependency to pain medications.

Sports Injuries

Unfortunately, athletes are still unable to use cannabis to help relieving pains attributed to sports injuries. In athletic world, especially professional sports, THC from cannabis is still considered as restricted substances. Using cannabis and its derivative products like cannabis oil will make them fail the drug test and get serious consequences. This fact has been raising huge concerns within the athletic community that the proven benefits of cannabis is still unrecognized.

Marijuana alternative to painkillers, many of which have side effects

Negative Effects

Playing competitive sports like football or basketball come with the risks of injuries. When an athlete got injury, he will be prescribed with pain killer pills to help reliving pain and manage recovery. However, pain killers have some negative effects and it can cause dependency or even addiction in long term.

“I use it all the time for pain,” Kivett said. “And we have people come in to Floyds all the time to use weed to replace painkillers.”


Cannabis on the other hand, can optimally help relieving pain and helps recovery while it has minimum side effects. As the concern is the psychoactive effects of THC, athletes can use cannabidiol oil that rich of cannabinoid with lack of THC. Instead of smoking, it can be taken orally.