Pokémon Go business speaks volume!

pokemon go business

By now you have seen the hype of Pokémon craze, people wandering on roads with phone their hands and finding their favorite characters. You can find people on countryside, parks finding their Pikachu and charmandar.
This was a brief about how the game is entertaining, but do you know that it has already started creating business?
Sure, the Pokémon Company itself making enough profit after augmented reality based games, but guess what? The company is not the only one earning, there are number of other platforms making business because of Pokémon Go.

The game roams around the real world map with famous locations marked on it as poke stops.

These locations can vary from amusements marks, monuments to any historical landmark and businesses. Not every business is lucky enough to have a stop, only some of the business has stops marked in the game and there is no option to add or remove them, so it’s all on the luck of that business.
When you play the game, you will see poke stops from the distance. However, the player can install as low as 2$ per hour to purchase lure modules to install in a stop. These modules last for thirty minutes at a time and turn in the stop into a beacon.

These beacons works like a magnet and attract the Pokémon and the player both at the time and highlight them on the screen.

Here is when the business marked in these places enjoys the benefits, it’s an easy matter to pay a few bucks, stock up modules for the day, and bring in the customers from around the area. There are number of businesses already doing it and earning profit.

  • L’inizio Pizza Bar:

    in Manhattan has created a pizza of Pokémon theme to attract the customers to go to their poke stop.. A $10 investment has made into the stops and in lure models the percentage of profit is increased by 30 after buying foods and drinks.

  • An Indian clothing store:

    has attracted people with their eye catching art.

  • Kaleidoscope Café:

    in Pennsylvania the number of foot walk has increased noticeably and they pay 10% off on who ever shows off their app.

  • Phone outlets:

    They are earning more by giving away the phones that support this app to run smoothly. Their business in a win wins.

  • Botanical Garden:

    Many art locations and parks including this one have experience visitors to find their Poke stops. In this way they are having business.

Pokemon go in mall
Pokemon go in mall
Like these there are other numbers of places marked on the map that are earning profit through this game.

Regardless of how you start, this is the high time to invest more in Pokémon marketing. 

Once lures are no longer important, they won’t be as attractive, and once they it losses the attraction it will also the interest of the player, but for now invest more and remember this sky is the limit because this game the new talk.