rio race road

There is much talk about the race course which the cyclists at the Summer Olympics, 2016 have to ride. The scenic backdrop is gorgeous for the viewers to look at. The cyclists however, will have little chance to appreciate it and are more likely to have an unpleasant encounter with the race road itself.

Unpredictable and Dangerous

Experts say the road seems rocky, unpredictable and dangerous. The Nelson cyclist George Bennet said that he can’t believe the road was signed off in the first place. He further said “I’m really surprised that someone signed off on a course this hard. It blows my mind… it’s going to devastate the field and there’s not going to be so many finishes I don’t think, but it’s everything I like.
It’s hectic, it’s crazy downhill’s, it’s really, really dangerous (in) a lot of the places. All the corners push you out and there’s these pretty walled-off curbs and slippery roads, a bit of oil, things like that.”
Furthermore the coach Mark Elliot said that the riders had to dodge some roaming dogs while out training as well. As if the terrain with tight corners wasn’t dodgy enough! But all part of the game I guess and the riders took it with good spirit.

The Olympic race course

Olympic race course provides a platform for the world to get an extensive view of what Rio really looks like. The cyclists will be riding along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema experiencing the panoramic view of the sunset. Even though nature won’t be their focus, but it will be hard to ignore that’s for sure. They’ll have a chance to revisit the stunning places they whizzed by after the race is over.

They will also be passing the historic Fort Copacabana, and the long flats along the brilliant blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They will be challenged by strenuous climbs and fierce descents.

Not to mention the smooth but twisty roads that wind through the jungle. Oh and the phrase ‘bumps on the road’ will have new meaning for the riders as cobblestone segments along the way will give them a good jolt here and there. This is where the cyclists will have to show control of speed and race road 2016
Yes, it’s a full-fledged race course which the enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this summer. “It’s the hardest course I’ve seen in a single-day race,” said American rider Megan Guarnier, who made a special trip to Brazil just to scout the course. “It has everything in it.”

Rio Road Olympic Games

It’s important to note that while setting up a race course for the Olympic Games, it has to be diverse not only when it comes to backdrop scenery but in terms of the terrain as well. Nothing too risky but just edgy enough to really put their skill to the test.
For instance in the 2008 Olympics which took place in Beijing, the race course sent riders past the iconic Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and portions of the Great Wall of China. Also, in the 2012 Olympics which were held in London, the remarkable Buckingham Palace served as the starting and finishing point for the riders. More than a million people lined the route, packing the climb of Box Hill in the green Surrey countryside.

Bradley Wiggin’s triumphant score from the Tour de France still had people riveted about the sport.

So all in all, the Rio Road to gold may not be a yellow brick road for all the riders, but it meets their expectations and more with just the right amount of surprises. Wish all of the participants a safe ride!