Safest countries for Business

singapore safest country for business

According to Pinkerton a global risk management company, the safest nation to conduct business is in Singapore. This was revealed by the company’s new tool that can help corporate clients evaluate threats on a country-by-country basis.

The Pinkerton Risk Index Report also revealed that the second safest country in the world is Switzerland, with United States being ranked in the seventh place. In terms of risk, Chad came out on top as having the highest overall risk, followed by Zimbabwe and Guinea.  Natural disasters, disease, terrorism, social unrest and economic problems are some of the sources that are used to collect data in order to assess a country’s overall risk.
switzerland for business

In order to help companies on various business decisions, such as relocating, expanding, investing and travelling for business, the Pinkerton Company has conducted extensive research and taken into account 83 different variables in its risk assessment report.

Pinkerton President Jack Zahran said that due to the recent and frequency of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, many countries are most likely to experience a widespread disruption to supply chains.
Companies need to asses and operate their business with a more global perspective as the world becomes more connected. Everything going on around the world is most probably going to have an impact on how a person’s company will operate, whether it is direct or indirect way.
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The overall risk index by Pinkerton will be published on a yearly basis that will cover more than 60 countries. The company’s clients will also be able to receive daily updates.

According to Jeff Spivey, president of Security Risk Management Inc. and co-founder of the Global Security Risk Management Alliance, the overall risk index report provides an opportunity for companies to operate with more visibility and manage risk in a more effective way. Companies are able to create improved management programs that can in turn make them more profitable and successful as a whole.