Switzerland government announce 2500$ per month for every citizen

Swiss government has vowed to end poverty through a bid which will pay every adult citizen $2500 per month whether they have a job or not. While many people would still want to get a job, the announcement is going to be based on vote by people.

This vote will manifest a basic income for all the adults in Switzerland negating the growing activism over the pay inequality after the financial crisis. This will end lines of poverty and provide a financial safety net or the population.

If maximum people vote in favor of the bill, it will be made permanent. This is the first time any country have taken such a huge step to end the poverty.

Switzerland will become the first country to end poverty and provide the citizens with unconditional monthly income. Nevertheless, they are also the first country to organize a vote regarding this matter.
Optimistic group of intellectuals have insisted with the new idea saying that even after the implementation of this plan, people would continue with the jobs. However, they have received mixed reviews from people and politicians. The initiative was taken in June and the federal government approved for the vote. The aim behind the scheme is to break the interlinking of income and employment. Now people will have guaranteed payment whether they are employed or not.
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A survey was performed by the Swiss government through Demoscope Institute which showed that majority of the people would continue to seek employment or working in their current offices even after guaranteed income scheme is approved.
While only 8% of the people said that they “could envisage this possibility depending on circumstances” and only 2% stated that they would not continue working.
The committee also said reportedly: “The argument of opponents that a guaranteed income wouldn’t reduce the incentive of people to work is by this largely contradicted.”

The plan would cost around 208 billion franc per annum, out of which 150 billion would be taken from the taxes. The rest of 55 billion will be taken from social assistance spending and social insurance. Even children will receive 625 francs per month according to initiative.


Another survey was also carried out, out of total 1,076 people interviewed, 3rd agreed that people would stop working if this proposal came into action. 56% of the people also said that after the proposal, people might not even get up to see the light of day.

The organizers for the vote have submitted more than 100,000 signatures required for a referendum on Friday and also tipped a truckload of 8 million five-rappen coins outside the parliament building in Berne. Each coin for one person in Switzerland.

The timing of the vote has yet to be announced, pending official guidance from the government.

This referenda is introduced by the people themselves. Citizens of Switzerland have the authority to take popular initiatives which will allow the channeling of public anger into the direct political action.