Toyota Next-gen Autonomous Car at CES

The new generation of the sleek and highly perceptive car has been unleashed by the world-class four-wheeler makers, Toyota. After a long period of extensive research and development, the car makers have come up with this all-new model, where you will witness the fusion of robust design and advanced technology.

Toyota Research Institute

Toyota Research Institute has the state-of-the-art facilities needed to build a perfectly autonomous car and a dedicated team of veteran researchers is continuous putting their best effort to implement Artificial Intelligence in the car control system.

Spinning Bucket

Previously autonomous cars were equipped with bolt-on sensors and “spinning bucket”-style has been considered to be ultimate. But Toyota has redefined the experience of autonomy unleashing this new generation of car. These newly launched autonomous vehicles feature Platform 3.0, a highly perceptive sensing system. This unique technology can sense any object up to a distance of 200 meters, and the most important thing is that its sensing capacity covers the car over the entire 360° angle. To achieve this, four high-quality LIDAR sensors have been installed on the lower sides of the panel of each front quarter panel. These new generation of sensors are more aerodynamic and flexible to future integration or upgradation. Moreover, its night-vision is extremely powerful and has the ability to detect even small debris in the roadway in very low light exposure.

The TRI has developed this care keeping in mind these core principles..

  1. Upgrade the perception qualities to an all new level breaking the industry standards.
  2. In addition to the conventional Artificial Intelligence implement modern robotics in car driving technology.
  3. Unmatched safety features for ultimate protection of the driver and passengers.
  4. Sleek and sharp design to match the trend of the executive class.

Sensors & Cameras

All the sensors and cameras have been placed inside the weatherproof housing and the entire system has been concealed within the sunroof’s air cover which has taken the appearance of the car to the next level. At CES it is getting warm appreciations from the critics too.