Sick of wind putting out the flame of your lighter?

usb lighter online

Have you ever faced the problem trying to lit a cigarette or candle in a breeze? Yes, there is a solution: USB rechargeable lighter. But this is just a single benefit among the uncountable Usps of this amazing lighter. The intensity of environmental pollution is rising day by day and it feels great if you get an opportunity to be even small part of the campaign against this global threat.

Harmful Butane Gas

Conventional lighters are made of toxic plastic materials and contain harmful butane gas. The most alarming fact is that approximately 1 billion used lighters are thrown away in the garbage every year. Moreover, these lighters are made of fragile plastic materials that can break into pieces if get dropped on a hard floor. In cold and humid weather it becomes inoperable and using it in hot areas like furnaces is dangerous too. Refilling them regularly with liquid butane is also a rigorous task.


Whereas USB rechargeable lighters cause no threats to the environment and their awesome build quality make them last very long. Advanced electric arc is capable of withstanding strong wind, heat, cold or moisture. These lighters can be easily recharged using any general purpose USB chargers.

How to choose:

While purchasing a new lighter you have to focus especially on these features

  1. It should be made of hard and forged materials like zinc alloys.
  2. The charging time should be as less as possible preferably 60 to 90 minutes.
  3. Should be able to generate steady beam and high temperature (700°-900° C).
  4. The current rating should be flexible so that it can be charged by even a mobile charger or laptop USB port.

Where to buy:

This new generation of lighters has already gained immense popularity among the consumers worldwide. So you can go to the nearest store, mall or electronic shop and purchase it.

It is also available online and can get delivered to your home in a few hours.

Shopplax, Amazon, eBay almost all leading online shopping sites sell it at a very competitive price ranging from 1.5 to €5. So don’t hesitate. If you are still using conventional disposable lighters, replace it today with a new rechargeable lighter for the convenience of your daily life and betterment of the world environment.