Trending 360 degree Live Streaming

Travel video graphers and photographers are going crazy about 360-degree images and video that you look in any direction. Phones and cameras capable of shooting in 360 degrees are everywhere, Social media sites now supports 360-degree uploads, YouTube is also support 360-degree streaming video.

This amazing video or image can then be viewed through a VR headset, or on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Wearing a headset, you look down, up, behind you, or side-to-side and your viewpoint of video or image should move in sync.

This is meant to make you feel like you are in the true atmosphere in which the picture was captured. When viewed on a PC, table or smartphone, you click/tap a user interface to replace your viewpoint. A familiar example of this would be the Street view spec of Google Maps.
These cameras can be an important tool for retail, real estate, construction businesses and architecture.

Camera resolution

Because the camera is arresting a big field of view, it should be capable to do so at a high resolution. Otherwise, the picture may look blurry and deficiency detail. This is vital for video: 2K resolution is advised, but 4k or higher may be value if you have budget.

Camera types

There are several different sizes and shapes when it comes to 360-degree cameras. The $429.99 Theta series by Ricoh resembles a remote control and is designed to be used by hand. Samsung sells the Gear 360 in $166, which is little device meant to be held primarily. But it is sphere-shaped model.
360 degree
Nikion $495 KeyMission 360 looks a full lot like the Fusion from GoPro. It can be mounted on an expert camera tripod. Its housing also saves it from the outdoors and is waterproof to depth of ninety eight feet.
If smartphones are more suitable for you, Motorola makes a 360-degree camera mode for its Moto Z phone. It costs you $255, on top of the price of the Smartphone. For more detail or want to buy 360 degree camera visit

Number of built-in cameras

A 360-degree camera that has more than 2 built-in cameras generates pictures that should look better than those from a 2 camera model. This is because the lens of each camera does not need to distort its view of the surrounding atmosphere as much. The Fusion by GoPro has 6 cameras.


Most of these cameras come with program you install on your PC to edit and view the spherical pictures that you grip with them. Or an application can be download and installed on your tablet or smartphone to edit them.