Benefits of Aparthotels for Vacation

Whether traveling is something you do once a year or you plan getaways as frequently as you can manage, it’s important to know about all of the options for accommodations. Less-frequently traveled tourists typically return to the familiarity of hotel chains while seasoned travelers are turning to apartment-hotels or aparthotels for vacation.

Every savvy traveler should know about apartment-hotels. It’s a fusion of a stunning apartment and a hotel mixed into one perfect accommodation. You get the convenience of a hotel stay combined with the comfort of a fully-equipped apartment. An apartment hotel, which is sometimes referred to as a serviced apartment, is a fully-furnished, often upscale, affordable home away from home.

Aparthotels are already quite popular in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. They can be found in prolific cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Brussels, and Dubai.

Why Groups Will Love Aparthotels

Aparthotels are the best accommodations for group travelers for several reasons. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or as a family unit, an apartment-hotel offers more space and more amenities, all while at a lower cost than a traditional hotel can offer. The special hybrid between a fully-furnished live-in ready apartment and a hotel experience means that group travelers can get much more from their stay.

Full access to an entire home means more comfort and more space to relax, socialize, and enjoy. The whole group can stay together without having to book single units in a hotel, so collectively, the group will spend significantly less on the space while still enjoying everything the accommodation provides.

No matter the type of group or the reason for traveling, groups who decide to check in to an apartment hotel will be pleasantly surprised at the comfort and convenience that far exceeds a traditional accommodation.

Here is a list of possibilities and how an aparthotel can be the answer for group travel accommodations.

Why You Should Choose an Aparthotel for Your Next Vacation 

For Business Travelers – Benefits of Aparthotels for Vacation

Groups of colleagues or individuals who travel for business will find that an apartment-hotel is much more appealing than a hotel. An apartment-hotel is perfect for rest and relaxation as well as work. Many aparthotel accommodations have plenty of space for meetings and conferences, which is a major convenience for business travelers.

Full kitchens are an additional benefit and serve as an alternative to going out to eat for each meal while on business. Home cooking in a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, cozy workspaces, and laundry facilities make business trips a seamless way to stay.

For Families

When traveling with children, aparthotels are an absolute must. Most notably, families with children will find satisfaction in staying in a home with all of the usual comforts on hand. Multiple bedroom apartments make it easy for everyone to have private space, and children and parents can enjoy their separate rooms.

Alternatively, the shared spaces and lounge areas in the home make it easy to spend family time together too. The hotel service aspect that apartment-hotels provide means that any of the family’s needs can be met at any time of the day or night. Packing for a trip for many family members can be time-consuming and stressful but because amenities are provided, there is much less to pack for long stays.

For Friends – Benefits of Aparthotels for Vacation

Friends can check in as a group and look forward to quality time together in the shared areas of the home. Communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms are perfect for cooking meals and hanging out together. Sharing an apartment hotel is super budget-friendly as well, offering some of the best prices in the industry due to the split costs.

While shared spaces are nice to have, so is a private bedroom. Many apartment hotels can easily accommodate a large group of friends very comfortably. Equipped with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, everyone will be able to enjoy a separate space of their own.

For Couples

For the couple that needs some time away, apartment-hotels are a no-brainer. A private, chic one-bedroom apartment in a big city is a perfect getaway. All amenities necessary are included, and concierge is accessible if needed, so if a spontaneous decision to take a trip strikes it’s easy to pack light.

Couples traveling with other couples will be able to enjoy traveling together while being able to have a private room and bathroom too. Most apartment-hotels are located in cities, making it easy to explore the city’s walkable attractions straight from the aparthotel.
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