The 360 Degree Core Workout

Most core workouts focus mainly on the abdominal muscles in the stomach. Although it is important to strengthen these muscles not only for looks, but also to have a strong, well-balanced body, many workouts fail to target the core as a whole. The core is the entire middle of the torso, in a 360-degree manner, not just the front. This 360 degree core workout will work not just the abs, but also the internal and external obliques, which are the muscles on the side of the stomach that helps you to twist and reach to the sides. This workout will also target the transverse abs, which are the abs that are deep in your stomach, and even targets the muscles in the lower back, which are an often-forgotten muscle but important none the less.

The core is even comprised of the pelvic floor and some of the hip muscles. It’s clear that in order to successfully work the entire core, you need to do much more than just sit ups.

Let’s get right into the workout. This workout is done in an A-B format, taking two moves three times through and then moving on to the next group. Set a timer for intervals of 30 seconds and let’s begin.

1st Group

Move A: Plank – The 360 Degree Core Workout

This move will work almost every muscle in the core and is a move that everyone should be doing. It’s best done on the elbows, because it engages more of the core muscles, instead of relying on the shoulders, pecs, and arms for strength. There is no movement in this move, simply get into a strong elbow plank position with your entire body from your head to your toes being in full alignment and hold. Don’t forget to breathe.

Move B: Bird Dog

This move works more of the back core muscles. To do this move get on all fours and raise one arm straight ahead of you and the opposite leg straight behind you. Hold for a few seconds and then release and repeat with the opposite limbs.

Repeat these moves for 30 seconds each for three sets.

2nd Group

Move A: Side Plank – The 360 Degree Core Workout

This move is done similar to the regular plank but instead of facing the floor your body will be turned on its side using only one elbow to hold itself up. This will target your obliques. You can stack your feet one on top of the other, or to make it a bit easier, place one in front of the other.

Move B: Deadbug with a Glute Bridge

Lay on the floor with your arms and legs up towards the ceiling, knees bent ninety degrees. Extend one arm over your head and the opposite leg down to the ground and keeping a strong core, return to beginning position. Keeping your arms up towards the ceiling, plant both feet on the floor with your knees bent and push your butt up towards the sky in a glute bridge. Return to beginning position and repeat on the opposite side.

Repeat these moves for 30 seconds each for three sets.

3rd Group

Move A: Kneeling wood chops – The 360 Degree Core Workout

Kneel with one knee and hold one dumbbell with both hands. Bring the dumbbell up over the shoulder of the side with the knee up. Twisting just the torso and keeping your lower body still, bring the dumbbell down to the opposite side of the body near the knee on the ground. Switch sides at the 15 second mark.

Move B: Rocking Plank

This plank is very similar to the elbow plank but instead of keeping still, you will gently rock your body forward and backwards, keeping a neutral spine throughout.

Repeat these moves for 30 seconds each for three sets.

Voila! A workout that will sculpt your waist and core from all angles.