Low Calorie Drinks to Stay Hydrated That Taste Better Than Water

We can’t overexpress the importance of hydration in every aspect of your health and drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. But sometimes water can get boring. Venturing out with your drinking choices can be a dangerous endeavor, however, because so many drinks are high in calories. Even some “healthy” drinks can be full of sugar and high in calories.

This article will focus on low calorie drinks that won’t spike your blood sugar and keep you hydrated while giving you an alternative to the regular H2O. You’ll be happily hydrated without seeing the numbers on the scale rise.

Seltzer Water

If you like soda but don’t want the sugar and calories that come with it, seltzer water is a good alternative for you. You can buy many flavored seltzer waters, or you can choose to flavor your own with slices of citrus fruits, smashed strawberries or sprigs of mint. There are so many different ways to add a different flair to this carbonated drink without add many calories. Sometimes bubbles are all you need to feel like you’re getting a treat.

Iced Green Tea

Green tea is not only a great low-calorie alternative to water but it also helps to get your metabolism running a little faster to burn a few more calories throughout the day and keep your mind fresh with a boost of caffeine and theanine. Most iced green tea brands are not calorie free, but you can make your own by steeping green tea bags in a big pot and pouring it over ice. If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can add mint tea bags to the pot as well or add some lime slices after you’ve iced it.

Infused Water

All you need to have an alternative to regular old water is adding a few ingredients to it. There are special bottles that you can buy now that have little wells in the middle to add fresh fruit or herbs to allow them to trickle their flavor out into the water. It gives a subtle but refreshing break from the ordinary water you are used to.

Agua Fresca

This is a delicious drink that you can find in little carts on the streets in Mexico, but you can make your own right in your own home with a blender. It’s a bit like infused water but with much more flavor. All you need is some fresh fruit, a blender, and a mesh strainer. Put your fruit in the blender with enough water to cover the fruit. Blend it until there are no more chunks. Pour the liquid into the mesh strainer that is over a pitcher. This will get out any remaining chunks and much of the pulp of the fruit, leaving a delicious juice in the pitcher. Add a bit more water into the pitcher until you get your desired flavor and stir well. Make sure you shake the pitcher each time you pour yourself a glass as the fruit tends to settle at the bottom.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is full of hydrating electrolytes and low calorie. It has a pleasant light tropical flavor without throwing your diet off like a pina colada would. Make sure you buy the brand that has no added sugar.